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Book contributions & Book Chapters

Journals   Book Chapters   Guidebooks

A new book on clastic rock petrography with a healthy amount of shale information. has been published by AAPG as Memoir 109.

Schieber, J., Bose, P.K., Eriksson, P.G., Banerjee, S., Sarkar, S., Altermann, W., and Catuneau, O., (Eds.), 2007, Atlas of microbial mat features preserved within the clastic rock record, Volume 2 of Atlases in Geoscience, Elsevier, 311 p. Link has links to chapters by J. Schieber and other authors

Schieber, J., and Over, J., 2005, Sedimentary Fill of the Late Devonian Flynn Creek Crater: A Hard Target Marine Impact. In: Over, D.J., Morrow, J.R., and Wignall, P.B., eds., Understanding Late Devonian and Permian-Triassic Biotic and Climatic Events: Towards and Integrated Approach, Elsevier, p. 51-69. https://sepm04.sitehost.iu.edu/PDF/JS-B18-Flynn-Creek-final-chapter4.pdf

Schieber, J., 2004, Microbial Mats in the Siliciclastic Rock Record: A Summary of Diagnostic Features. In: P.G. Eriksson, W. Altermann, D. Nelson, W.U. Mueller, O. Catuneanu, and K. Strand (editors), The Precambrian Earth: Tempos and Events, Developments in Precambrian Geology, Elsevier, p. 663-672. https://sepm04.sitehost.iu.edu/PDF/JS-B17-Microbia Mats in the Siliciclastic.pdf

Schieber, J., 2003, Black Shales. In: Gerard V. Middleton et al. (eds.), Encyclopedia of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks, Kluwer Scientific Publishers, p. 83-85. https://sepm04.sitehost.iu.edu/PDF/JS-B15-SedEncyclop-black-shale.pdf

Schieber, J., 2003, Depositional Fabric of Mudstones. In: Gerard V. Middleton et al. (eds.), Encyclopedia of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks, Kluwer Scientific Publishers, p. 203-207. https://sepm04.sitehost.iu.edu/PDF/JS-B16-SedEncyclop-mudstone-fabric.pdf


Guidebooks & guidebook chapters

Journals   Book Chapters   Guidebooks

Schieber, J., and Lazar, R.O., 2004, (eds.) Devonian Black Shales of the Eastern U.S.: New Insights into Sedimentology and Stratigraphy from the Subsurface and Outcrops in the Illinois and Appalachian Basins.  Field Guide for the 2004 Great Lakes Section SEPM Annual Field Conference. Indiana Geological Survey Open File Study 04-05, 90pp.

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